Stick Pirates
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A Cutlass

Broadsword C

A Broadsword

Sabre E

A Sabre

Sword of Decay

An Example of a Cursed Blade but as I said more-in-likely you have not gotten to that point yet so forget about them for now.

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Ok First things first... there are four kinds of swords...

  • Cutlass
  • Broadsword
  • Sabre
  • Cursed Blade

Since you came to this guide for help, you probably don't have any Cursed Blades because more-in-likely you havent gotten to that point yet.....

Anyway so without the fourth kind of sword there are 3 kinds:

  • Cutlass
  • Broadsword
  • Sabre

So first things first pick your favorite kind of sword (My favorite is Broadsword but of course it might not be yours).

A cutlass is a medium speed, medium attack sword and of course the first thing you get in the game.

A broadsword is a slow speed, high attack sword and is probably easier for most people and does quite some damage to all enemies around it, unlike other swords. Basic access members are not allowed to use Broadswords.

A sabre is a very fast blade, but normally has a low attack and if you can manuver it correctly then you can do quite some damage.

Now that you've picked your sword, its time for battle. First off, here is what I recomend for the various levels: For pirates levels 1-19 I recomend enemies of the same and lower level range.

For pirates levels 20-39 I recomend enemies of the same level and higher level range.

For pirates levels 40 and up i recomend ONLY ligher level enemies

Do this alot and you will go from level 1 Sword to mastered! go GOOD LUCK TO ALL HA HA HA but now i must leave for a new adventure awaits me untill next time this is the last you will see of (Captain) Roger Goldskull! - CRGSig Talk


  • This Section of the guide is for everyone to put down some of their tips in helping you on mastering the sword.
  • (Jack Morris) : Timing is everything. If you don't time it right you get a "Mistimed" message, and you do less damage.

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