So what's the deal with Davy Jones and the Kraken? Do you have plans to add them to the game? Any hints on when that might happen?

Yes, we are definitely planning on adding Davy Jones and the Kraken to the game, and along with them will be all new Quests. Stay tuned for more details!


Is it possible to solo your way through the game, or do you need to join a Crew and/or Guild? Which would you recommend?

It is possible to solo, but a core part of our game is the ability for players to assemble a crew of friends. Crews and Guilds are both useful in different ways. Joining a Crew is like playing a pickup basketball game, where you play with different people every time. Crews work together and treasure is split according to the Pirate Code. Joining a Guild is more like playing in a league - you play with the same people every time.

Will you be adding more Guild features to the game?

We do have plans to add more Guild features. We don't have a full design yet, but keep a lookout for more details in the future.

Any plans to add pets to the game? Possibly parrots? Or is that too Pirate-cliché?

We love the idea of adding pets to the game, and that is definitely an option for future expansions. However, we have other major features we are focusing on rolling out first that will introduce more gameplay.

What is the biggest challenge you, or the development team as a whole, has faced with Pirates Online?

The biggest challenge has been introducing new content fast enough for our really hardcore fans. We are constantly having to strike a balance among bug fixes, broadening the content offering (e.g. clothing/tattoos/jewelry shops), and introducing more content for advanced players (Black Pearl, Davy Jones, etc).

Do the developers actually read any of the feedback that players send in or does Customer Service handle all of that?

Yes, we definitely do! We are constantly shaping the game according to player feedback we receive through Customer Service and from what we read on fan forums.

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