In the past year, we've seen many changes in the Caribbean, but what lies ahead? In response to your recent questions, we asked the man in charge of Pirates Online development for answers - here's what he had to say:

My name is Greg Wiatroski and I am the lead developer on Pirates of the Caribbean Online. My job is to oversee the development of all in-game features. I work very closely with the Community, Marketing, and Publishing teams to decide which of many great ideas we want to make happen. Then we have to decide how and when they will get done. I work with a great team of artists and engineers who are all really committed to making Pirates a truly great game.


Ship Customization

We know that being able to express yourself is a huge part of the online game experience. We've always planned on letting players be able to make their ships as unique as they are. We plan on letting players customize their sails, masthead, and many trim pieces and accessories for starters. We've been debating having different pieces affect the gameplay mechanics. This would let players customize their ships for the style of play they prefer.

Loot and Inventory System

We would love to add a more traditional inventory system to Pirates. Think something along the lines of bags and slots - like your traditional RPG. This would allow us to do lots of things - like player trading, for instance. Hand in hand with the new inventory system, we'd like to offer the players more rewards. Again, think of the more traditional RPG loot: weapons that boost certain attributes so the player has to make some decisions about what skills they want to be better at.

Basic vs. Unlimited

We are always re-evaluating the access for Basic Players. Traditionally we add features for Basic members when we add something more for Unlimited Members. So keep watching the release notes, we are constantly adding to the game!

GMs and GM Ships

Our Community team is really excited about the opportunity to make in-game appearances. I was able to participate in the event we did to announce the upcoming Halloween event. I can honestly say it was really fun and we learned a lot from all of you. I think the players can look forward to many more events like this including meeting some very famous Pirates, participating in treasure hunts, pirate bounties, and other exciting adventures.

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