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Potco logo scroll skull hor Pirates of the Caribbean Online is now closed.
This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.

Love Amongst Thieves

Quest star

Visit Erin Amorous in the Rowdy Rooster to pick up a special Valentine's Day Quest! Erin will send you on a quest to help a poor, swooned pirate named Sid Tackem to win over his bonny lass.

Game Note:

  • This quest is only available during the Valentine's holiday week. The prize offered may also be bought through peddlers as part of the Valentine's Day (Outfit). If you want to save some gold, complete the quest to earn the shirt for FREE.


Name Task Reward
Find Sid Tackem Visit Sid Tackem. +25 Notoriety Points
Valentine Ingredients Gather the ingredients for Sid's handmade Valentine Heart.
- Alligator hide for the base and a red coat to cover it, some bones and brass buttons to decorate, and the scorpion blood for glue.
Recover 2 bones from Skeletons. +25 Notoriety Points
Recover 3 scorpion blood from Giant Scorpion. +25 Notoriety Points
Recover a Navy coat from a Navy Soldier. +25 Notoriety Points
Recover 5 brass buttons from Navy Soldiers. +25 Notoriety Points
Recover 3 alligator skins from Swamp Alligator. +25 Notoriety Points
Deliver a Valentine Visit Deidre Dunnam. +25 Notoriety Points
Return to Sid Tackem Visit Sid Tackem. +25 Notoriety Points
Talk to Erin Amorous Visit Erin Amorous. +25 Notoriety Points
Visit Scarlet Visit Scarlet. +25 Notoriety Points
Bribe Giladoga Bribe Giladoga with 50 gold. +25 Notoriety Points
Return to Scarlet Visit Scarlet. +25 Notoriety Points
Deliver Flowers Visit Deidre Dunnam. +25 Notoriety Points
Return to Sid Tackem Visit Sid Tackem. +25 Notoriety Points +
Valentine's Day shirt
Valantines shirt

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