The Abu Nar Clan was a mysterious clan of Hashasheens (or simply Assassins) active in the Near East sometime prior or during the War Against Piracy. The Abu Nar assassins were first mentioned as background lore with the release of several loot-collectible Daggers as well as the all-new Throwing Knives, into the game.


Little is known about the Abu Nar, other than they operated within the Near East. They were renowned wielders of daggers, many of which ended up in the hands of Caribbean settlers.

It was rumored that Ian Mercer had some relation to the assassins, as one of their throwing blades were called Mercer's Blades - later renamed to Silver Freeze.

Other than that, the Abu Nar Clan serves mostly as background lore.

Game Note

The game developers had mentioned the name only with the release of Daggers, and Throwing Knives to provide background Lore. It was said that the Daggers were brought into the Caribbean by these assassins running rampant. They were said to be from the "Near East", which is reinforced by the title of the clan, "Abu Nar".


  • The only known member at one point seemed to be Mercer, due to one of the new Throwing Knives being called Mercer's Blades. However that weapon was renamed to "Silver Freeze"
  • "Abu Nar" in Arabic translates to "Father of Fire".
Father of Fire is also translated into Spanish as "Padres Del Fuego".

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