Account Suspension is a feature that prevents a player from logging onto Pirates Online for violating the Game's Terms of Use or Game and Chat Policies. Players are also able to Report players with bad behavior to the moderators of the game. If a player has their account banned multiple times, there is a possibility that their account will be suspended permanently.

Game and Chat Policies

These four rules are the top four main reasons players are banned in the game, and are frequently spotlighted on the Grog Blog to remind players to abide by them.

1. Respect your fellow pirates - Pirates of the Caribbean Online does not tolerate any swearing, cheating, bullying or overt harassment toward other players. Disciplinary action will be taken should any one of these occur while playing.

2. Never reveal any of your personal information - The best way to ensure you stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords with anyone.

3. No inappropriate talk - References to drugs and sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate talk are not permitted and are grounds for removal from the game.

4. No Cheating - Any use of third party programs is not allowed. Players who use any third party programs while playing risk being permanently banned.

Auto-Ban and Detection

If a player uses bad words in the game, a message will pop up warning them that what they said violates the above chat policies, and that if they continue their account will be suspended. If the player continues, they will be given one more warning, then will be booted from the gameplay session and prevented from logging back on for a period of time depending on the severity of the offense, and if the player is a repeat offender.


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