Skill Adder
Dagger adder
Adder info card

Adder is a special throwing Dagger coated in snake's venom. Once a pirate has this ability, they can purchase additional Adders at any blacksmith.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage and the amount of time their target is poisoned.

Rank Damage Poison
1 35 to 70 20 seconds
2 44 to 87 25 seconds
3 53 to 105 30 seconds
4 61 to 122 35 seconds
5 70 to 140 40 seconds
Only with Adder Boost
6 ? 45 seconds
7 83 to 166 50 seconds
8 ? 55 seconds
  • Unlocked at Dagger Skill - Level 4
  • Cost: 2 coins (Per 25 Adders)

To throw an Adder, have your dagger drawn and press 2 or click the Adderskill icon. It will take several seconds for the skill to reset.

Game Note

Several EITC Black Guard soldiers, Undead Raiders, Undead Brigands and Ghosts carry Adders as well. However, the skill is called Venom Blade.

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