Admirals Cutlass

The Admiral's Cutlass is a powerful and extremely rare Cutlass. It is the highest ranked Weapon of the the Admiral Cutlass Group . This Famed Cutlass gives the Captain's Resolve Break Attack that heals all around the wielder. It also provides a boost to the wielder's Thrust and Endurance Skills. This is one of the very rare items that give a rank 4 special ability. There are only three swords that give a Thrust boost of +3. The only other swords that have a Thrust boost of +3 are the Legendary Thunderspine Sword and the Legendary Heart of Padres Del Fuego. This sword also has a gold trail following every slash (see images below). The others being the legendary Blade of the Abyss with a red trail, and The Emerald Curse with a green trail. To use this powerful Cutlass you need to be a master swordsman. You can only find this powerful Weapon at sea.

Screenshot 2017-06-23 20-31-25

Regular cutlass trail.

Screenshot 2017-06-23 20-32-22

Admiral's Cutlass gold trail.

Cutlass D

Weapon Group: Admiral Group

QM Cutlass First Mate Cutlass Lieutenant's Cutlass Commander's Cutlass
Captain's Cutlass CommodoresCutlass Updated Vice Admirals Admirals Cutlass

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