Portrait Gunsmith Alexander Thayer
Icon gunsmith

Alexander Thayer is a gunsmith on Tortuga. He is the proprietor of Thayer's Weapon Shop, found not far from the Faithful Bride.

He offers a variety of pistols, grenades, and cannonballs in addition to accessories (pouches, sacks, and barrels) as all gunsmiths do.

Weapons in Stock


Name Cost Damage
Flintlock Pistol 0g 2
Iron Pistol 270g 13
Steel Pistol 600g 29
Twin Barrel Pistol 840g 1
Steel Repeater 2,180g 6
Sailor's Musket 1,060g 26
Small Blunderbuss 1,350g 32
Fine Blunderbuss 2,500g 52
Iron Bayonet 800g 20
Steel Bayonet 1,800g 40
Boarding Musket 2,180g 46

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