Stick Pirates
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Help each other it works for both of you!

When you think about it how many people have healed you on pirates when you needed healing? How many have you helped? If you can't say everyone to each question then there is something wrong. You need to become friends with EVERY pirate on POTCO. Each friend could help you the next day. Think about it if you were to see another pirate in need would you want to be helped if that were you? Yes, you would want help. This guide is to help you with finding good techniques of helping one another.


One way to help other pirates all the time is a simple thing. Always carry tonics! It's the simple answer to everything. Tonics and heal a friend when they are Knocked Out or it can even help you.

Another thing about tonics. Never say you don't have tonics if you do its lying and you wouldn't want someone to do it to you if you needed help. Remember again you could see this same pirate you did or didn't heal the next day in a invasion. Remember fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The basically means don't say you don't have any tonics cause what goes around comes around.

Tonics are also a good way to make friends. In example just go to Abassa and head to Foulberto Smasho and heal pirates in need or that have been knocked out. You will get friends quicker than you can say easy, (most likely :D).

Voodoo Doll heal

Another great way to help another pirate is also another simple one. Attune them with a voodoo doll!

You get the voodoo at around the level 4 of your pirate and if your a pirate who wants to get out there and heal get a voodoo doll. The life drain ability on the voodoo doll is a way to to heal you. Also there are two more on it that you can heal other pirates with. Heal and Cure. Heal is the lower healing one, while cure is the higher healing one. Also sometimes you will get a doll with a special healing ability such as spirit mend which heals your pirate for a little while.


PLEASE do not edit this guide except for making changes on words that are misspelled. If you would like to add something put it on Airan360's talk page I'll see it.

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