Camera Note: The information in this article is from the movie(s) and does not appear in the
Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. It is merely here for background information.
Pirates of the Caribbean Characters
Name: Angelica
Job: Pirate First Mate
Portrayed by: Penélope Cruz
Ships used: Queen Anne's Revenge
Weapons: Sword
Flintlock Pistol
My daughter fears for my soul, what's left of it. You truly wish to save me, my child.

Angelica is a beautiful but dangerous female pirate and ruthless con artist. With Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow in her life, it's no wonder the beautiful pirate Angelica is dangerous to match swords with, let alone hearts. She appears in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, played by Penélope Cruz.

Movie Biography

A woman who tells lies that are truths and truths that are lies, Angelica may or may not be the daughter of the feared Blackbeard himself. A master of disguises, Angelica learned the art of the con from the best, one Captain Jack Sparrow. An accomplished sailor who can wield a sword, fight and plunder with the fiercest of pirates, Angelica is hell-bent on one goal: to save the eternal soul of Blackbeard from certain damnation, even if it means matching Captain Jack lie for lie and double cross for double cross.

Game Notes

Angelica does not currently appear in the game. However her father's infamous ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and legendary sword, the Sword of Triton, do.

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