Anton levy portrait
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Anton Levy is a Blacksmith whose shop is at the upper-most end of Los Padres on Padres Del Fuego, Levy is almost always napping. Despite his appearance, Anton makes some of the finest weapons in the Caribbean.

Weapons in Stock

Levy carries a broad selection of finely built weapons.


Name Cost Damage
Ornate Cutlass 680g 36
Grand Cutlass 990g 46
Royal Cutlass 1,340g 56
Fine Sabre 1,040g 28
War Sabre 1,360g 35
Master Sabre 1,750g 43
Mighty Broadsword 1,380g 50
Ornate Broadsword 1,760g 59
Great Broadsword 2,130 67


Name Cost Damage
Dagger 100g 3
Battle Dagger 8,410g 41
War Dagger 13,010g 51

Throwing Knives

Name Cost Damage
Tribal Throwing Knives 6,610g 21
Fine Throwing Knives 11,250g 30
Master Throwing Knives 18,050g 38

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