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Kingshead Assassin
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An Assassin is the highest rank of the Black Guard in service of Lord Cutler Beckett, and are also without a doubt, the deadliest. Only the most elite and loyal killers reach this rank. They are known to be able to take down a beginning pirate in just a few cuts. They range from levels 28-41

Game Note: These levels can vary on Flaghips as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.

They attack with a variety of lethal daggers, and can take out an inexperienced pirate in a single deadly throw. The assassin bosses are Remington the Vicious, Neban the Silent, and Edward Lohand.


  • Adder - Throwing blade coated in snake's venom
  • Sidewinder - Large throwing knife (thrown sideways)
  • Viper's Nest - An entire brace of daggers thrown at the enemy
  • Swipe - A stealthy spinning strike
  • Gouge - Vicious overhead strike
  • Eviscerate - Three quick, vicious cuts



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