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With the introduction of Infamy, a pirate can display his or her badges proudly beside their name to showcase their endeavors. On this menu, you can track your progress on both Infamy tracks, as well as choose which badge to display beside your name and ship name.

Over time, your infamy will go down. This makes achieving high ranks like Admiral or War Master very dificult. However, once you reach level 7 in SvS or PvP, your infamy will no longer go down.

You can access this menu by pressing B on your keyboard, or through the Sea Chest itself.


Sea Combat Ranks (SvS)

Infamy Rank Infamy Points
(to reach next level)
Badge Icon
0 - Swabbie 25
1 - Mariner 175 Mariner clearer
2 - Lieutenant 800 Lieutenant clearer
3 - Commander 1500 Commander clearer
4 - Captain 2000 Captain clearer
5 - Commodore 2000 Commodore clearer
6 - Vice Admiral 2500 Vice Admiral clearer
7 - Admiral (max) Admiral clearer

Land Combat Ranks (PvP)

Infamy Rank Infamy Points
(to reach next level)
Badge Icon
0 - Novice 25
1 - Rookie 175 Rookie clearer
2 - Brawler 800 Brawler clearer
3 - Duelist 1500 Duelist clearer
4 - Buccaneer 2000 Buccaneer clearer
5 - Swashbuckler 2000 Swashbuckler clearer
6 - War Dog 2500 War Dog clearer
7 - War Master (max) War Master clearer

Founder Badge

Badge Name Obtained By Badge Icon
Founder Purchasing
Unlimited Access
before December 2, 2007.
Founder Coin

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