Bane Shot

Bane Shot is a gun ammunition skill that allows the pirate to use rounds said to be cursed by the wretched Davy Jones himself. These bullets are enchanted to do much more damage than the traditional lead balls. Bane shot also has the side effect of lowering the victim's attack power for a couple seconds. Once the pirate has unlocked the special skill, they can be bought at any gunsmith for 5 gold coins per 25 rounds.

Rank Damage Power Decrease of Enemy (30%)
1 61 to 122 4 seconds
2 77 to 153 5 seconds
3 92 to 183 6 seconds
4 107 to 214 7 seconds
5 123 to 245 8 seconds
Only with Bane Shot Boost
6 ?  ? seconds
7 ?  ? seconds
8 ?  ? seconds

Unlocked at Gun Skill - Level 6

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