Staff deluge
Banish is a very powerful Voodoo Staff hex that exiles undead back to the other side. It is an area-effect, causing damage to enemies in proximity of the caster. However, it has no real effect on the living.

Increasing this ability will increase the amount of damage done to Undead. The amount of damage is unique depending on the pirate's staff ability, additional skills and the type of staff used.

*Note the listed Cast Time is based on a staff with a Spirit Lore rank of 0.

To use Banish, have your staff drawn and press 5 or click BanishSkill.

Staff Banish 1 Staff Banish
1 2
Staff Banish 2 Staff Banish 3
3 4

Spirit Mastery Rank Hex rank 1 Hex rank 2 Hex rank 3 Hex rank 4 Hex rank 5
0 343-686
5 656-1312

Game Note

Spending skill points for Spirit Lore and Concentration will reduce the casting time and voodoo power cost.

Conservation Rank Voodoo Used
0 210
1 202
2 193
3 185
4 176
5 168

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