Stick Pirates
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Before you cast yer hook~

As an intro I personally leveled and gained good wealth with fishing off the docks, but if your sole intent is to fish for the sake of fishing this is your guide! Its best to start out with some cash in hand and around lvl 20 so you have access to all the islands.


What tools you use will ultimately impact your results, a better rod such as the master, available at lvl 15, is far far less likely to loose a fish and bait than a basic one you get for free, but it will cost you a bit of coin!

Shootin fish in a barrel~

Fishing in this game is obviously an easy task but which fish should ye aim for? Aim for what ya can get, use your different skills that can shoot your lure down farther, most importantly take note that some fish reward higher rep than others and are worth fighting for and fishing around nuisance fish.

Land or Sea?~

Certain fish are only found at sea and to my experience and memory are worth more, but you have to charter a boat out of the harbor which costs coin! See if a friend has a boat already out and ask to come aboard, also to catch legendary fish you do need legendary lures ye bloody landlubber!

Lastly but not always legendary~

Legendary fish take time to catch, and yes they do stick to certain locations, and certain times of day even! Avast ye be learning from one who caught em all... yes even the firey dragon of the abyss. It takes time and patience to get these fish mostly it takes a lot of muckin around and testing areas for a while, when ya hook one, take your time and do what ya gotta do, start out around Raven's cove for glittering girl and try your luck, its likely that you wont get it in the first try but once you get the hang of it, you will hook yerself a trophy! Note: you must have mastered fishing to actually catch legendary fish like my prize below!

Bartholomew's fish

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