Stick Pirates
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What Not To Do

  1. DONT CHEAT - people on abassa who cheat usually get the entire other team on their tail. And cheaters never prosper
  2. Never Run - Running on abassa is another thing that makes the other team angry and they all get after you.
  3. Dont let cheaters on board your boat - It makes the other team angry like I said up there and, if they have friends who cheat they call them and make your SVS expirence so you dont get any infamy. 

Recommended Ships Skills For Best Success

  1. Come About 
  2. Take Cover
  3. Open Fire
  4. Ramming Speed 
  5. Full Sail

Recommended Skill Upgrades

  1. Full Broadside Upgrades
  2. Full fury, explosives and lightning upgrades

Useful Manuevers

  1. The Spin and ram - When a ship is in the middle of firing at you, have one of your team mates distract it while you turn with come about, then ram into its side.
  2. Ram from the front - When you use ramming speed, hit in, in the stern ( it does damage to both sides )

Reccomended Tools

  1. Rev Ram
  2. Priming Ram
  3. Steel Ram

Recommended Ships

  1. War Sloop - For Manuever
  2. War Frigate - For Raw Power

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