The Battle of Tortuga or Jolly's Buccaneer Bowl was a major battle during the War Against Piracy. It took place on the 6th of February 2011 between the Undead forces of Jolly Roger and several pirates under the flags of the Brethren Court. Its outcome was a decisive pirate victory; the details of the battle have yet to be cleared though.

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From Pirates Online Website:

Sharpen your STEEL and Pack your gunpowder ... the Marceline Guild have intercepted a message that says Jolly Roger plans to blitz the beaches of Tortuga this Sunday!

Pirates must defend their home turf and repel these invaders at all costs. The encrypted message states that the invasions will kick off at 12:30 PM, this Sunday, February 6 (Pacific Time/Los Angeles) and Jolly won't let up until every last Pirate has been sacked.

Gather your crew, prepare the defenses, and show your bravery and fend off these undead invaders -- there's no telling when they will stop!


The battle was a consequence, mostly, of Jolly Roger's chain of defeats at the battles of Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego, plus his half-victory in the Battle of Raven's Cove; Roger, seeing how the war was quickly turning against him, decided to launch an all-out attack on Tortuga, the main pirate settlement.


STEEL and PACK is a reference to the Steelers and the Packers who were playing in the Super Bowl that day, and so was "Buccaneer Bowl."


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