Behemoth card

The Behemoth Blade is a very powerful Legendary Cursed Broadsword. By sheer brute force, it can easily dispose of large groups of enemies. Being a relatively defense-oriented weapon while maintaining excellent offensive capabilities make this blade a uniquely powerful tool. It has a Dark Curse ability that turns the user into an orange ghost and keeps the user from taking half of the damage amount taken from ranged and combat attacks. It also has the very useful Sure Footed ability which prevents the user from being knocked down by Stumps, Fire Bats, and Powder Keg Runners, and by the Hurricane Slash ability. This lethal weapon looks identical to the devastating World Eater Blade, with which it is commonly confused. It also has an Endurance Boost of +5, which can give a mastered pirate the most health a pirate can have in the game (3727HP). This destructive sword shares a title with the Viper's Kiss as the only 2 blades with a +5 Boost.

DavyJones H

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