Available at Select Tailors

(Items available for purchase from a tailor may also be found in loot drops.)

  • Note: The resale values shown in these photos are not correct.

Multiple Color Variations Available

The following styles can be found in a wide variety of colors from select Tailors. Unique and usually much brighter colors of these items can only be found in loot drops.

Peddler Belts

Peddlers will sell a special outfit for each month, and for select holidays. The pieces of clothing they contain vary, but they include hat, shirt, coat, belt, pants/shorts, and shoes. Peddlers may repeat the same outfits, and they also might introduce a new one. The peddlers can be found in Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba. Each special outfit is only available for two months (unless it is repeated), so don't delay to buy!

Peddler Holiday Belts

Peddlers sell special outfits during certain Holidays. These usually stay in stock shorter than normal monthly Peddler, some are offered for as short as 2 days! They usually recur every year with their corresponding Holiday Event, with possible modifications.

Peddler Special Event Belts

Peddlers sometimes sell outfits during special events in the game, or just as a surprise. These outfits are usually out for a very short time, sometimes not even more than 3 days!

Quest Clothing

These items can only be obtained through completion of certain quests.

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