Stick Pirates
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SVS (Ship vs. Ship)

The Best Three Ships for SvS

  • Light Sloop: Hard to it and are fast. Best with two people.
  • War Sloop: Fast and stronger than a Light Sloop. Harder to hit than a War Frigate or a War galleon.
  • War Frigate: This is a good ship to use if you have a big crew because of all its cannons


1. Always keep moving so it makes it harder for the opposition to get a hit on your ship.

2. Don't use Galleons. They're slow and easy to hit.

3. Gather a crew to help you sink the opposition.

4. If you're on a Light Sloop, don't go too close to the other players' ships because you are vulnerable.


The best ammon would be Fury. Thunderbolt is good for long range.


There are Seven SvS Infamy Ranks.

It will take a while to get to the top rank which, Admiral

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