Bill Barrett2
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Bill Barrett is a member of the Casa de Muertos guild led by Captain Ezekiel Rott. Bill is in service to Jolly Roger, just like Rott is. It's not known whether the two men ever knew each other before they cast their lot in with the evil Jolly.


He could be found standing with their Guild Master offering a special quest from September 4th to September 27th, 2009, but will require the pirate to have a Notoriety level of 12 before being able to undertake it.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 41
  • Cannon: Level 1
  • Sailing: Level 3
  • Sword: Level 24
  • Gun: Level 9
  • Voodoo Doll: Level 2
  • Dagger: Level 9


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