Blackjack Fridays was an event occurring from 2007-2009. During this event, players were invited to hang out in the local tavern to chat, and play cards every Friday.

Message from Pirates Online

Potco skullbullet
Blackjack Fridays: Bring Your Gold and Your Game

Jack cards

Grab your crew and head to the local tavern - and don't forget to bring your luck and alot of it - you'll need it! Next Friday, December 28, we're kicking off our weekly Blackjack Fridays. Hang out with your Guild, meet other Pirates, sharpen your card-playing skills, and most importantly, have some fun. Here are all the details - we'll see you there!

What: Blackjack Fridays

When: Every Friday (beginning December 28) from 3-9 PM (PST)

Where: Visit the Rowdy Rooster in Port Royal or King's Arm in Tortuga to play.

Game Note

Blackjack Fridays were replaced on May 22nd, 2009 with Crew Days. They are no longer promoted.

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