Stick Pirates
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The Black Pearl vs The Goliath
As Jack said when you had met him in Tortuga, the Black Pearl is locked up by those Navy buggers. To get this battle going, you need to complete 99% of the first chapter.

This battle is very hard. You cannot do it alone, nor with only 1 other player. You will need at least 3 pirates on your team to help. (i have done this) Remember, teamwork is the only way to get past this quest.

Once you have your crew and everything, and you've finished the cutscene, let's get started, eh? Here we go...

Stage One: Defeat the Navy Guards

No, you're not fighting Navy Guards. You're fighting Officers, a whole lot tougher than they usually are, appearing up to level 40. Once they're all down, get an experienced sailor to take the wheel. If you want to know who can do it the best, go through their profiles by clicking on them and then clicking the rounded slide bar on the right side of their profile. Check their Sailing level.

Stage Two: Sink the Attack Ships

After you've got your sailor, man a cannon and attack the Navy Frigates that come by, which have unusually strong hulls compared to the normal Navy Panthers. After all of your players have shot the frigates, have your sailor move the Pearl straight to the drawbridges and then it's on to Stage 3.

Stage Three: Destroy the Drawbridges

Now's the hard part. The first two drawbridges will shoot round shots, but they will not damage the Pearl. Attack the drawbridges until black smoke is flying in the sky from them both and the white bars above them have vanished.

Then, you'll encounter some forts without bridges that will shoot Firebrand rounds and deadly Explosive rounds. Shoot them with your best ammo, but leave some for the Goliath. The last drawbridges have an even stronger bridge, and what's worse, the forts will be shooting you while you try to destroy the bridges.

Stage Four: Sink the Goliath

Now comes the epicness. The Goliath, as mentioned by Murroy, has 18 guns and nobody has ever made it in or out of the harbor. Time to prove him wrong.

The Black Pearl is probably damaged a whole lot, so sinking the Goliath will not be easy. Order the sailor to sail away from the Goliath, and turn the ship's broadside in range of the Goliath's front side, depending on how many pirates are manning the cannons on that side of the Pearl's broadside. Now, fire the masts so the Goliath will slow down.

Now, the last step is to shoot. Shoot the Goliath with your best ammo. After the Goliath has sunk, you'll see a cool cutscene showing the Black Pearl, sailing away as fast as she can, leaving the Goliath a mere memory.

Good job! Now wasn't that FUN? You have now beaten the whole game!

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