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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by The Crew on May 20, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

    Ahoy, everyone!

    Since our announcement that the game is reopening tomorrow, May 21st, there has been an amazing response from the community! The Crew is just as excited as you are!

    To celebrate the relaunch of Beta, we’ll be hosting an event tomorrow at 7PM EDT on Abassa Tortuga docks. We’ll be there to answer questions and have some fun! The activities will be revealed during the event itself, so be sure to stop by!

    Also, since tomorrow is going to be such a big day for all us pirates, we can’t just let you go with only a gold code and whatever Rosetta Zimm was planning…

    You will be able to redeem the codes skull for the fan favorite Skull Staff and loyalty for the Loyalty Bandana from days long passed.

    In add…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Rosetta Zimm on May 18, 2017, 5 p.m.

    Ahoy, mates!

    I’ve got some wondrous news for ye! On May 21st at 12PM EDT/ 9AM PST, ye’ll be able to sail back into the Caribbean! Startin’ tomorrow, May 19th, at 10AM EDT, ye’ll be able to reserve PlayTimes for launch day and beyond! Now, onto the stories I’ve heard...

    Some mysterious figures have used their voodoo magic to bring about some big changes in the Caribbean...

    Ye’ll find that ye can run the game much more smoothly! With better performance across the board, set sail all around the Caribbean!

    Numerous pesky bugs put in place by Ol’ Jolly Roger have been fixed as well!

    And now comes the best part, thar be new experiences to be had!

    Privateering is now available! Ye can play against yer mates in fears…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Alaina Seastone on May 16, 2017, 7 p.m.

    Ahoy, pirates,

    I apologise for the delay in getting this letter to you. You would simply not believe what I have encountered recently! It has been some time since I stepped outside my island and sailed through the Caribbean, but I fear times are desperate and require such actions. Did you know there are crabs thrice the size of men on some of these islands?! I had heard tales, but surely never thought I’d see one up close - just what has Jolly done?

    Aye, seeing the effects of Jolly’s actions as of late have forced me to raise my flag once more, and throw away the cloak of secrecy that I’ve held all these years, and the position of status and power that came with it.

    The purpose of this letter i…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Alaina Seastone on May 4, 2017, 8:30 p.m.

    Hello again, pirates,

    I hope you enjoyed my last letter and are ready to hear the next part of our tale. I certainly won’t keep you waiting, so let’s jump straight in.

    The tale continues with my father, Jeremiah Seastone. While he was alive, he was a deadly and powerful pirate who carried out the orders of Captain Teague with brutal efficiency and accuracy. His methods were strange and he ruled over the guild with an iron fist.

    Mind you, when I say strange, I truly do mean it. He had a habit of never killing his foes, but rather marooning them all across the Caribbean - and those he could not maroon, he would defeat in a duel. In fact, he marooned people so often that he kept a chest full of …

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  • Drewski0199


    Ahoy, everyone!

    Thanks so much for attending our ninth Developer Stream!  It was really fun to interact with you all directly and show off some of our progress!  For those of you who missed it, here’s a list of everything we previewed during the stream:

    • New Water Effects: Improved textures and reflections for water have been added to the game!  Additionally, there are now larger waves when sailing the High Seas.

    • Bounty Hunters: After amassing a certain amount of loot, Bounty Hunters and powerful Navy Warships will chase your crew across the seas!

    • Ship Customization: All features of Ship Customization, including custom hulls, rigging, emblems, and sail colors were shown off!

    • Privateering: Ship vs. Ship, a fan favorite, made a return in …

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by The Crew on April 25, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

    Ahoy, everyone!

    From the looks of it, the community has been itching for any word as to when The Crew will be announcing the details regarding the development of our progress during our extended server maintenance.

    About a month or so ago, you watched Developer Stream #8, which gave the synopsis of the current update, as well as several sneak peeks. Since then, our Storyline Team has been busy churning out intriguing excerpts and tales, enough to make even the smartest pirates scratch their heads.

    It is our pleasure to announce that we will be finally giving some semblance to all of this mystery, as well as a progress update to how we have been faring through polishing up the game.

    We will be hostin…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Alaina Seastone on April 23, 2017, 1 p.m.

    Hello, pirates,

    I hope you enjoyed my last letter and have had time to contemplate what it could mean. I will get to that in time, but first… allow me to explain a guild that is drenched in history. I’ll keep it simple, but it may take a few letters nonetheless, so be on the lookout.

    Oh, and before we begin, allow me to say this: I do not intend to help you pirates with your journeys, but merely observe and interact from a distance to see if you can help us. You will see why in time, but for now…

    This tale starts with the legendary Pirata Codex, and the first Keeper of the Code. The first Keeper was largely a force in his own right, hardly defied by even the most vile pirate. In the end, howe…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by ??? on April 14, 2017, 4 p.m.

    You do not know me, but I would like to share this with you pirates nonetheless. Though the letter is smudged and difficult to read, please, read the tale of a simple Navy Soldier, my husband.

    To my beloved wife,

    How do I even begin with this letter? I could say that times have been hard for us inside this blasted gate. I could tell you how dark it - get. How about that between the constant waves of undead and stifling heat, I'm no - sure how much more my men can take. How - I tell you the funny part? We've no idea why we're even here, just that Jolly wants something... good enough for us to fight I guess.

    Our memories together is all that keeps me strong - days. How I long to return home and be with you…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Alaina Seastone on April 9, 2017, 8:45 p.m.

    Ahoy pirates,

    I hope this letter finds you all in good health. My name is Alaina Seastone, and I'm in need of some help! You see, my guild's run into some trouble as of late; where once we were a vast and powerful guild working in the shadows, we've now been reduced to a mere fraction of our strength by that blasted Jolly Roger and his goons.

    Aye, that undead hooligan's been riling up our enemies all over the seas, and now our trade is lacking. There was once a time where information, secrets, and promises could buy you anything... lucrative on a good day to say the least, but these are not good days. Well, until you all showed up that is. Aye, we've been keeping a careful eye on you throu…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by The Storyline Team on April 1, 2017, 1:30 a.m.

    Hello, everyone!

    We’re back here once again for another chapter in the “On the Horizon” series, where you can learn all there is to know about our upcoming content!

    Last month, we announced stunning new details about Isla Escondida. Well, this month, we’re excited to reveal that we’ll be completely overhauling Raven’s Cove! Amazing, right? Whoever said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” was crazy!

    We hinted at this update a little bit in our last Developer Stream, but we’re SO excited to finally introduce it to you. Take a look below for the EXCLUSIVE first image of the new and improved Raven’s Cove!

    Isn’t it just AMAZING? We thought the old Raven’s Cove was a bit too big, so we whittled …

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