• ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Unknown

    June 7, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

    “So yer lookin’ fer someplace you an’ yer mates can discuss business in private, eh?” The man’s weatherbeaten skin and devilish eyes scream pirate, but since you are in a ‘civilized’ tavern with a group of navy soldiers nearby, you decide not to ask.

    The old salt chuckles, “Y’ don’t have t’ say a word. Sometimes a man just wants a quiet place to enjoy a few hands of cards without any bilge rats wandering in aye? Or maybe yer guild be needin’ a place t’ socialize wit’out any outsiders stoppin’ by. Doesn't matter t’ me. But if y’ be needin’ such a place, all you have to do is tell a lookout that y’ want to go to the Underground Parlor Games, an’ he’ll take y’ there quick as a whistle. They’ve got tables…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Tiffany Tones

    June 6, 2018, 10 a.m.

    Ahoy, maties! Tiffany Tones here, ready to play ye a tune of yer choosing; for a small fee of course.

    Aye, I am new to the area, but after traveling around most of me life, I am ready to settle down and make a right honest living. Which is why you’ll be able to find me right here, at the Faithful Bride, from now until Judgement Day!

    Now, I ain’t the only new act in town either; there’s Felix and Fleur Berlioz, they set up shop on Ile d'Etable de Porc. There there’s Willa Winds and Grace Truesilver; they’re playing in Ratskellar and I hear they’re quite good! Let’s see, who else… Right, there’s Coal Goldwater and Goldbeard, I heard they just started taking requests at Skull’s Thunder. Thar be quite …

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by A Groggy Pirate

    June 4, 2018, 10 p.m.

    The other day, I be at Romany Bev’s potion’s brewin’ table intendin’ to make me a potion to rid meself of “the groggy”. Been a-gettin’ that way a lot lately due to Jolly’s invasions… feels strange, makes it hard to focus… Well, back to this new potion. I seen on her list of brews that there be a new one. Something called “Pew-que’”I believe. So, I decided to give it a go.

    Brewin’ it weren’t so bad. However, the smell… verra sulfuric, course I were on Padres, so might be the volcano I’d been smellin’. The colour was that of a landlubber’s face when upon the sea for the first time… verra green. I decided to make me 5 of ‘em.

    Now I be not so sure it was me best decision ever made...

    After finishin’ a…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Tia Dalma

    June 1, 2018, 10:30 p.m.

    “You come t’ me seekin’ answers t’ tha question of what evil be brewin’ inside Isla Tormenta?” Tia Dalma smiles and something in her eyes tells you that you will leave her shack with more questions than what you came with. “For what purpose do you seek t’ go there?”

    “I know what it is ya heart desires!” Tia Dalma laughs quietly, “I will tell you a story. A warnin’, of what comes t’ those who seek power for power's own sake.

    There are some legen’s so horrible, they would be better off forgotten. Better t’ forget, than t’ remember there are some powers in tha world so terrible, they show just how evil a mortal man can be.

    However, t’ forget would mean t’ endure tha same fate that came before. So I tell…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Bargain Billy

    June 1, 2018, 4:30 p.m.

    Ahoy, mates!

    Capt. Blood’s outfit was so popular last month that we’ve procured another rum-fine red outfit, the Crimson Captain. Ye’ll be the sharpest dressed pirate on the high seas with those fine clothes! And as a bonus, the red color be good for hiding yer enemies’ bloodstains - har har har!

    But wouldn’t ye know, on the way here our supplier "ran into" a ship bound for Ile D'Etable De Porc that was carrying some very fine French Fencer outfits. The captain managed to "persuade" the other ship to share some of the cargo and we’re offering these outfits are a great "low price" because we Peddlers be such generous people.

    Hurry in, ye scallywags! As always, ye only have 2 months to snatch these …

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew

    May 22, 2018, 5:30 p.m.

    Ahoy, pirates and fellow guildmates!

    Since the early years of POTCO, guilds have played a key role in the community. And behind every guild is an amazing Guildmaster working hard for their members, veterans, and officers.

    Over the years, we have noticed many guilds incorporating a hierarchical structure of leadership. Delegating various roles to certain outstanding members. But there has always been one huge problem, whether another member is recognized as a lead member, there has never been a way to delegate some Guildmaster powers to another member in a guild... until now.

    Today, we’re going to spotlight the new rank of CO-GUILDMASTER from our recent update.

    Co-GMs will be able to manage many differen…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew

    May 18, 2018, midnight


    Ahoy, everyone! How are ye? It’s been awhile!

    Many of you have noticed we haven’t had an update in quite some time! Over a month, to be exact! We’ve heard your concerns over these past few weeks, but never fear! We are back!

    Instead of releasing little updates here and there, we decided to try something new: Work on the game off to the side for awhile, getting a bunch of stuff done and polished.

    We wanted this update to be really special. We put our focus on a quality of life release. Fixes and content for everyone - in every playstyle.

    What content, you ask? Well, head on over to our release notes page for the full scoop (there’s a lot!), but for now, here’s an “at a glance” preview:

    Guilds are a hu…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by ???

    May 15, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

    It was risky to be about the upper deck this late at night, but I had to take that chance. After reading the first letter, I had to go back. Something was pulling me there.

    Luckily for me, the captain had gone ashore for the evening to catch up with some old crewmates. The cabin would be empty. Perfect timing. I slipped past the bosun who was asleep on deck. He was meant to be keeping watch for any out of line crewmates like myself, a pity (for him, anyway) that he had too much rum at dinner.

    I quietly open the door to the captain’s cabin, careful not to make a sound. The letters are still there on his desk, illuminated by the moon.

    When picking up the second letter, a sudden noise makes me jump. Realizing …

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Edward Graves

    May 6, 2018, 7 a.m.

    Pirates be the fiercest bunch o' devil-dogs ye ever did see; tough as nails and fierce enough t’ make Beelzebub hisself think twice afore crossing ‘em, ye all know this to be true, aye? Aye!

    What I bet ye didn’t know were that even the saltiest old pirate has a soft spot. One person who, be they alive, can stop even the fiercest rampage in its tracks. That’s right mates, I be referrin’ to a pirate’s mum.

    Now, just t’ be clear, Ol’ Cap’n Graves has no mum; Ol’ Cap’n Graves sprung fully made straight from the deepest levels of th’ stygian pit an’ so has no need of a mum. I be an exception though, which be why we be settin’ aside a day or two to celebrate mothers all across th’ Caribbean!

    Every pirate ha…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Bargain Billy

    April 30, 2018, 9:30 a.m.

    Ahoy there, mateys!

    Welcome back! Tomorrow be May 1st, an’ ye know what that means… another good ol’ Peddler spotlight! So, what do we have in store for ye this month? Quite a treat!

    Everyone’s fan favorite, Capt. Black, makes a triumphant return! Get yerself those black an’ gold duds mates. Impress yer friends! They’ll be sure to draw a crowd on the beaches of Tortuga or the caves of Tormenta alike -- maybe not necessarily the good kind of crowd if yer in Tormenta though!

    Now, onto the main attraction, this month’s all-new outfit: Capt. Blood. This number actually has quite a story, mates. Ye may notice that all us Peddlers be wearin’ the same hat. Well, that hat be for sale as part o’ this out…

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