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Bonerattler is an Undead Slasher Boss, haunting the Catacombs of Padres Del Fuego. He appears at Level 18-25, and is stationed by a raided Navy encampment.

He is the leader of a squad of Undead Raiders encircling an insane Sergeant. He will not be easy to approach without attracting their attack and the entire way to his location is extremely treacherous.

Bonerattler Map

Game Notes

  • Bonerattler always respawns in the same location.
  • Before the Cave Expansion in 2009, Bonerattler used to be an Undead Brigand boss and was surrounded by Undead Executioners, Undead Gypsies, and Undead Raiders.
  • During the Bloodletter Upgrade: Stolen Daggers Quest, Tia Dalma incorrectly states that Bonerattler is an Undead Witchdoctor boss who is vexing her spirits.
  • Defeating him is the last challenge to recruit Giladoga, you must retrieve a key from his boney body to open Giladoga's chest.
  • If you are a low level pirate and need something to defeat, if you have it, use an Asp or Adder on the Sergeant. This will have the Sergeant walk over to you. Beware - If you don't aim carefully, you could attract the attention of an Undead Raider - or even Bonerattler himself.
  • If you use take aim, and you're careful, you can get Bonerattler to come near you without getting attacked by the Undead Raiders.
  • There is a glitch that if you run towards the horizontal barrel and jump, you can go behind the walls and even go into the old military outpost.