Cutlass brawl
Brawl, when activated, gives the enemy a very brutal head-butt. The attack itself deals really low damage, but it stuns your enemy for a few seconds, which disables them from attacking or moving. This skill is useful for a quick gettaway.
  • Game Note: The Stun Duration is not increased by Brawl Boost.
  • Example: If you have a rank 1 Brawl with a +3 Brawl Boost, it will do the same damage as a rank 4 Brawl Boost. However, the stun will stay at 2 seconds, not 4 seconds.
Rank Damage Duration
1 44 to 87 2 seconds
2 55 to 109 3 seconds
3 66 to 131 3 seconds
4 77 to 153 4 seconds
5 88 to 175 5 seconds
Only with a Brawl Boost
6 98 - 196 3 seconds
7 104-207 4 seconds
8 109 to 218 5 seconds
Rank Experince
Gray 5
Green 21
Yellow 23
Red 25

Increasing this skill increases the damage done and the duration of the stun. Unlocked at Sword Skill - Level 8

To use Brawl, have a sword out and press 2 or click the BrawlSkill.

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