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Brinescums are part of Davy Jones' Crew; they can only be found in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta.

They appear at Levels 33-40 (Health 3,050-3,750) and are one of the two members of Davy Jones' Crew that attack with Voodoo Dolls. Their arsenal contains the full range of hexes (including Life Drain). They are dangerous and should not be taken on alone by anyone but the most savvy swashbucklers.

Game Tips

  • Brinescums can have difficulty re-attuning, once they are unattuned due to an Asp, Throw Dirt or Viper's Nest. You gain several seconds of free strikes from this maneuver.
  • Hex Eater Shot can be very helpful when defeating brinescums, as it removes their voodoo.

Game Note

  • Brinescums are based off of the movie character, Twins.

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