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A Broadsword is a double-edged sword with a straight blade that is longer than a Cutlass. The Broadsword was used in Europe from the 17th through the 19th centuries. The military used weapon is often seen around the caribbean because of its special ability to attack several enemies at once.

Game Note: The broadsword is a very powerful type of sword only available to Unlimited access members. A broadsword has the longest blade out of all sword types. It can strike several nearby enemies at the same time with its combos, much like the Sweep skill. This make them very useful for boarding flagships on your own. There are currently two Legendary broadswords.

Level Up!


*Leveling up your sword adds +8 HP, +0 Voodoo

Types of Broadswords


*There are no crude broadswords.

Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost Resale
Baboon Broadsword 55 17 Monkey Panic 2, Sure Footed 2, Brawl +1 N/A 228g
Cursed Barnacle Breaker 76 23 Cursed Thunder 1, Drain Voodoo 1 N/A 135g
Cursed Barracuda Blade 95 30 Cursed Thunder 3, Critical Strike 3, Blade Storm +2 N/A 437g
Cursed Behemoth Blade 101 28 Dark Curse 3, Sure Footed 3, Endurance +5 N/A 428g
Bejeweled Broadsword 67 21 Critical Strike 3, Sweep +2, Spin Cut +2 N/A 418g
Cursed Blightfang Edge 95 30 Cursed Fire 3, Venom Strike +3, Critical Strike +2 N/A 400g
Bloodfire Broadsword 76 26 Blood Fire 1, Fire Immunity 1 N/A 379g
Brigadier's Broadsword 76 26 Hurricane Slash 3, Brawl +3, Endurance +2 N/A 894g
Broadsword of the Inquisition 76 26 Healing Boost 3, Voodoo Damage 3 N/A 526g
Brute's Broadsword 34 8 Critical Strike 1, Hack +1 N/A 35g
Cavalry Broadsword 60 20 Hurricane Slash 2, Brawl +1, Endurance +1 N/A 263g
Dark Broadsword 60 20 Dark Curse 1, Snare Immunity 1, Cursed Immunity 1 Code 179g
Cursed Deepwater Blade 80 25 Cursed Fire 1, Voodoo Damage 1 N/A 135g
Dragoon's Broadsword 65 23 Hurricane Slash 2, Brawl +2, Endurance +2 N/A 369g
EITC Grunt's Broadsword 43 13 Hurricane Slash 1, Slash +2 N/A 81g
Engraved Broadsword 55 17 Critical Strike 2, Sweep +2, Spin Cut +1 N/A 167g
General's Broadsword 81 29 Hurricane Slash 3, Brawl +3, Endurance +3, Reverse Spin Cut +1 N/A 1,127g
Gorilla Broadsword 70 23 Monkey Panic 3, Sure Footed 3, Brawl +2, Taunt +1 N/A 739g
Great Broadsword 67 27 None 2,130g 106g
Heavy Broadsword 32 7 Sweep +1 N/A 26g
Cursed Hull Ripper 93 29 Cursed Fire 3, Jumping Slash +2, Brawl +3 N/A 456g
Iron Broadsword 32 7 Slash +1 N/A 53g
Light Broadsword 32 7 None 420g 21g
Masterwork Broadsword 74 25 Critical Strike 3, Sweep +3, Spin Cut +3 N/A 562g
Mighty Broadsword 50 17 None N/A 69g
Military Broadsword 43 13 Hurricane Slash 1 N/A 63g
Monkey Broadsword 38 11 Monkey Panic 1, Sure Footed 1 N/A 57g
Nemesis Blade 36 0 Hurricane Slash 1 Code 65g
Orangutan Broadsword 55 20 Monkey Panic 3, Sure Footed 2, Brawl +1, Taunt +1 N/A 411g
Ornate Broadsword 59 22 None N/A 88g
Cursed Razortooth Sword 81 23 Hurricane Slash 2, Snare Immunity 1, Sweep +3 N/A 208g
Cursed Ripsaw Blade 87 26 Hurricane Slash 3, Blood Fire 2 N/A 357g
Royal Broadsword 64 23 Healing Boost 3, Jumping Slash +1 N/A 243g
Cursed Sea Steel Sword 70 20 Monkey Panic 1, Fire Immunity 1, Parry +2 N/A 106g
Cursed Sharkfang Blade 89 27 Cursed Ice 3, Critical Strike 2, Endurance +2 N/A 348g
Sharp Broadsword 34 8 Critical Strike 1 N/A 32g
Small Broadsword 32 7 None 740g 37g
Soldier's Broadsword 50 17 Hurricane Slash 1, Brawl +1 N/A 99g
Cursed Spinecrest Sword 77 21 Cursed Fire 2, Stun Immunity 1, Parry +2 Reward from Raven cove story quest 214g
Steel Broadsword 41 12 None 1,040 52g
Sword of Triton 36 0 Hurricane Slash 1, Bonus Damage vs. Jumbees 1 Code 10g
Tempered Broadsword 48 13 Critical Strike 2, Sweep +1 N/A 105g
Cursed Treachery's End 87 26 Dark Curse 2, Critical Strike 2, Voodoo Damage 2 N/A 228g
Cursed Tyrant Blade 91 28 Cursed Ice 3, Drain Health 2, Brawl +2 N/A 409g
Voodoo Hunter Broadsword 46 15 Healing Boost 1, Voodoo Damage 1 N/A 70g
War Broadsword 51 15 Healing Boost 3, Reverse Spin Cut +1 N/A 175g
Witch Hunter Broadsword 62 21 Healing Boost 2, Voodoo Damage 2 N/A 411g
Cursed World Eater Blade 105 30 Freeze Sweep 3, Drain Health 3, Drain Voodoo 3 N/A 633g
Worn Broadsword 29 5 None N/A 18g

Broadsword Skills

Combo Skills

Broadswords have their own attack moves that can be used in a combo, just like the Cutlass or Sabre.

Name Description Level Req. Icon Attack Pic
Chop A slow opening upward slice.1Cutlass hack
Roundhouse A broad circular slash that can hit more than one enemy.4Cutlass slash
Spin Cut A powerful spinning strike.7Cutlass cleave
Spin cut
Reverse Spin Cut Another powerful spinning strike, however in the opposite direction than Spin Cut.10Cutlass flourish
Recerse spin cut
Jumping Slash The player performs a high jump into the air, and ends the dangerous attack with a super-strong swing at the enemy in mid-air.17Cutlass stab
Jumping Slash

Attack Skills

Name Description Level Req. Icon

A "ninja strike", 360 slash that hits any nearby enemy.

2Cutlass sweep

Fight dirty by giving your enemy a brutal head-butt! Stuns your opponent for a short time, giving you a few precious seconds to attack, unharmed!

8Cutlass brawl

Make your enemies angry! Using this skill will make your enemies blows less accurate, and decreases the damage dealt by their attacks when they are taunted.

14Cutlass taunt
Blade Storm

An onslaught of lightning-fast, lethal sword slashes, topped off by a vicious reverse thrust.

20Cutlass bladestorm

Passive Skills

These skills are always active once acquired and do not need to be triggered.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Parry Deflect enemy attacks6Cutlass parry
Endurance Increase maximum health by 4% for each rank.12Grenade toughness

Game Note

HINT: Use the broadsword to kill more than one enemy at a time; the broadsword unleashes strong moves that can cause a lot of damage.

However when attacking multiple high level enemies, use with caution.

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