Buccaneer Boot Camp Title

Buccaneer Boot Camp is an in-game event where pirates were invited to meet with members of the Marceline Guild to share information about their new looted weapons and to pick up tips how best to use them.

The first of these was held the weekend of December 10-12, 2010.

Game Masters from the Marceline Guild made appearances at several servers, meeting pirates and then leading them to Fort Charles to attack elements of the Royal Navy. Other Game Masters portrayed Navy officers, who then came to warn the pirates to disperse. Pirates attacking these officers found that they had the same Knock Out ability as other GM characters, Pirates keep your distance! They are invulnerable to any pirate's attack, though they were not immune to any direct attacks from other GMs.


Boot Camp OldWarehouse

Boot Camp Navy

Boot Camp Masses

Boot Camp KnockOut

Boot Camp CasualPirates

Boot Camp Bonnie

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