Camera Note: The information in this article is from the movie(s) and does not appear in the
Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. It is merely here for background information.

Calypso is the Heathen Goddess of the Sea itself.


Calypso Giant Cropped

Calypso was the daughter of the Titans Atlas and Tethys in Greek Mythology. She was also called Atlantis. Though a deity, Calypso fell in love with the sailor Davy Jones. She offered him the opportunity to visit with her - if he would ferry the dead to other side aboard the Flying Dutchman for ten years.

But, at the end of that time, she was not waiting for him. Jones, heartbroken, cut out his heart and locked it in the Dead Man's Chest. He abandoned his duty, leaving the souls of drowned sailors trapped in Davy Jones' Locker, or become part of his crew.

Enraged, she cursed Jones - making him and his crew become monstrous creatures.

With that, Davy went to the Brethren Court and they devised a way to subjugate Calypso - trapping her within the body of lowly Tia Dalma.

Calypso's Revenge

Seeking opportunity to escape her earthly prison, Calypso in the form of Tia, grew close to Captain Jack Sparrow, the new Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea and helped him in many of his adventures against the likes of Hernan Cortes, Madame Minuit, Davy Jones, Captain Torrents and the Shadow Lord.

Knowing that the Brethren Court was going to face a new extinction, she resurrected the doomed Hector Barbossa, who then began to reside in Devil's Anvil.

When the Brethren Court convened to find a way to fight off the East India Trading Company led by Lord Cutler Beckett and their fleet led by the Flying Dutchman - it was proposed to free Calypso; assuming she would fight for them out of gratitude (See Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End).

As the pirates released Calypso, Will Turner told of Jones' plot to imprison her. She repaid Davy's act by creating a massive maelstrom as the Flying Dutchman battled The Black Pearl to decide the fate of all pirates.

In the end, Davy's heart was extinguished, Turner became the Dutchman's new captain.

Game Notes

Calypso does NOT appear in the game, per se. Rather she appears in her human form Tia Dalma, who helps the pirate acquire their voodoo weapons and abilities - so it may be deduced that the game is set prior to her being set free. Also she is in a way a primary nemesis to Jolly Roger.

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