Cannon tower

A Cannon Tower is an enemy in the Black Pearl Boss Battle


The Cannon Towers are found on the way out on numerous forts designed to keep the Pearl in. The first few Towers pack only round shot cannons, yet they are deadly. As the ship progresses, the Towers turn even more deadly, pummeling the ship with rounds of Firebrand shot.

The Battle

The first Cannon Towers are encountered on the first forts with their double drawbridges. These, as mentioned, fire Round shot. Then six more of these cannon towers are found along the way, each with Firebrand. The final drawbridge is the deadliest, as the Pearl needs to remain stationary for the fight. If the towers are destroyed, the drawbridge opens to allow the Black Pearl to escape, only to encounter the Goliath.

Tips and Hints

  • For the battle, the first drawbridge of these Forts-with-Cannon-Towers to be taken down must be a single pair. The alternate Fort must be decommissioned while moving on to the next Forts
  • One must prepare to attack the Cannon Tower by waiting for skills like Open Fire and Take Cover to reload
  • All the Firebrand Cannon Towers must be taken down from left, and only then should you shift to the one on the right. This tactic should work only when the Pearl is hidden from the one on the right.
  • For the final cannon towers, there's no escape, as they pound you when in range (that is, also when you are in range of attacking them), and thus there is no alternative but a final stand against the last towers, in stationary mode and using all skills and might of the cannons and the ship. They use Round Shot, but they are not to be taken lightly!

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