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Cannons 1


With strong ammunition and good aim, you can sail the Caribbean and defy danger. All Cannons on a ship can be operated by any Pirate aboard. Every Cannon can fire any ammunition that the Pirate manning it has earned the skill to use and is carrying, so choose your crew with a weather eye to the armament they'll bring to your ship. To disengage from a Cannon at any time, hit Escape.

Cannon Skills

Type Skill Description
Shoot Combat Basic Cannoneering Skill –– upgrade to increase Cannon firing rate
Rapid Reload Passive Increases Cannon reloading speed
Barrage Passive Increases damage for Cannon and Grenade attacks
Shrapnel Passive Upgrade your Cannonballs and Grenades to explode in a cloud of shrapnel

Cannon Ammunition

The basic Cannon load is Round Shot, an iron ball that deals damage when it hits its target. As your skills and Notoriety grow, you'll have the option of using more advanced Cannon ammo that deals greater damage.

Type Skill Description
Round Shot Ammo Medium ranged shot –– effective against ship hulls
Chain Shot Ammo Short ranged shot –– effective against masts and sails
Grape Shot Ammo Short ranged shot –– effective only against crew
Firebrand Ammo Burning skulls set fire to enemy ships
Thunderbolt Ammo Summons a thunderbolt to strike the enemy ship
Explosive Ammo Explodes and damages a large area
Fury Ammo A Spectral cannonball, effective against enemy hulls
Grapple Hook Ammo Used for grappling enemy ships for boarding actions

Cannonball Ammunition Barrels

Type Description Cost Where
Small Barrel Can carry more cannonballs. 500 Purchase from Gunsmith
Medium Barrel Can carry more cannonballs. 2000 Purchase from Gunsmith
Large Barrel Can carry more cannonballs. 8000 Purchase from Gunsmith

Cannon Fire Damage

Metal hurled at great speed is not healthy for hulls or rigging. Damage is dealt when ammo scores a hit on hull or sail. Mast and sails damaged in a battle slow a ship down. Any damage weakens a ship and can only be repaired in port, leaving you and your crew limping home at a crawl. If sufficient battle damage is done to any or all of the hull sections, a ship sinks.

Game Tip: The Chain Shot is a destructive weapon capable of destroying an enemy's ship mast and rendering it immobile.

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