Stick Pirates
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Looting at Neban the Silent

So, here's everything I know about looting:

The weapon you use does not matter for quality but what does is haing full potions and ammo so you wont get it in loot therefore raising the chance for good loot.


1. If the loot in the server you're on is bad, try switching to another server. That might work.

2. Don't loot at weak bosses. They have a lower chance of giving anything good.

3. If you aren't the strongest pirate, try gathering up a crew to help you loot, or try Abassa.

4. Try to fill up on your ammo and tonics before you loot. You dont want ammo popping up in your loot drops.

Recommended Bosses

  1. General Darkhart- He gives good loot sometimes. He's given me a Bejeweled Sabre and a Sacred Pistol
  2. Foulberto Smasho- He'll give you some good famed throwing knives. Also, you have a good chance at getting Silver Freeze from him.
  3. Neban the Silent- I've seen someone get The Lost Sword Of El Patron from him.
  4. Remington The Victorious- I've heard he sometimes will give famed dolls.
  5. The South Idol- The South Idol is well, the idol in the south of El Patron's Mine. There are four ghosts that can be easily defeated if you're the right level. They sometimes give out special weapons.
  6. French and Spanish Bosses- These are high level bosses that give good loot

I hope this helps!

Screenshot 2012-03-14 17-17-45

An example of a bad boss to loot at.

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