Stick Pirates
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Hi, I'm here to show you the easy ways of looting at the South Idol in El Patron's Mine.

Just choose one of these ways:

1. Using a Broadsword: Using a Broadsword can quickly defeat enemies near you, though, it could easily kill a low-level pirate.

2. Grenades: Another way you could do would be using grenades. I don't recommend this way, though, if you want to, you can. If you're trying to level grenades there, go to General Darkhart.

3. A Blunderbuss: I recommend this, because it easy and quickly can take out ghosts in about one or two hits.

4. Viper's Nest and Throwing Knives: This one would probably work better if you had a small group with you. Just use Viper's Nest on all the ghosts.

5. Cutlass: If you don't have any of the other stuff, just use a cutlass to defeat them all one by one. Though, it might take a while.

6. Voodoo Doll: You could also attune some of the ghosts and run around and defeat them all. This could work ANYWHERE.

7. Using a broadsword, First open out a gun ( Not a blunderbuss ) and shoot a higher level ghost and a smaller one. This can be used to help lower level pirates to help them get loot.

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