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Captain Cromwell was a decent man and able sailor. He’d spent most of his life transporting cargo back and forth from Europe to the wild waters of the Caribbean. As Cromwell worked his way through life, he watched as others adopted a life of piracy and seemingly overnight acquire fortune and fame. Cromwell struggled with thoughts of piracy to cover his mounting debts but, never considered it until one fateful night.

Cromwell was on his way to the Caribbean with another cargo – a single crate – he’d been sworn to deliver in secret. One night at sea the good captain grew curious so he made his way down to the ship’s hold and forced the crate open. What he found inside would change his life, forever. For inside the crate was a jeweled box filled with a king’s ransom in gold! At that very moment, Cromwell swore himself to piracy and set a course for Padres del Fuego to plot his next crime.

The next day when the box of gold did not arrive in Port Royal, the Navy sent two warships to bring Cromwell and his crew to justice. What Cromwell didn’t know was the gold was meant to free an innocent man named John Moses, from the hangman’s noose. When the gold never arrived John Moses was hung. Now Captain Cromwell’s soul is cursed to roam the earth, never having peace, until he gives away all the gold he stole to people ‘worthy’ of it.


Fully aware of the tragedy he caused, Cromwell continued his promise of giving away the gold until the night John Moses reunited with the spirit of his widow - the ghost known as Constance Sorrow.

Still feeling he owed them, Cromwell offers to warn the pirates of Jolly Roger's next impending attack on the main islands in her place - so the two can move on to the other side, which they did.


  • Constance Sorrow seems to have a hatred for him, as when asked about Cromwell, she says he is "not invited to her house."

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 50
  • Cannon: Level 30
  • Sailing: Level 30
  • Sword: Level 30
  • Gun: Level 30

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