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Captain Ellison Shaw is the leader of the Black Guard, part of the East India Trading Company and mercenary for hire to Lord Cutler Beckett. He has gold on his Black Guard hat, meaning he is in very high command in the Black Guard. He is also a GM-played character that has appeared at several role-playing events, such as The Black Guard Cometh. He can knock out annoying pirates instantly!


Shaw appeared constantly at the EITC events, to help stop Marceline Guild leader Captain Walter, and send him to the gallows for crimes against the EITC (Walter led the battle at sea alongside pirates against the Company's fleets). He also joined several fellow Black Guard at foiling many celebrations of pirates, such as Mardi Gras and the Brethren Feast. He was also spotted celebrating a destruction of the Governor's Mansion after an invasion with Lieutenant Addison Mayfield. He uses Jolly Roger's voodoo powers to stop pirates, and does not resist against knocking them out. Other members of the GM Black Guard are Wallace Beck, Winston Piper, and many others. Click here to go to a page that contains information on the Black Guard GMs.

He has appeared with the Casa de Muertos guild, showing that the Company is in an alliance with Jolly Roger. However the EITC double-crossed Jolly Roger by launching the Expedition Fleets. He then came on the beaches of Tortuga, interrogating pirates about the sinking of the Treasure Fleets.

His last recorded appearance was on March 28th 2013. Pirates had spotted him running about investigating the Silver Mines (Beckett's Quarry) on Padres Del Fuego.


Ellison Shaw is captain of the War Frigate Victory Queen, War Sloop Dark Maelstrom and a Light Sloop Blue General. He is a master swordsman and voodoo doll user, and a crack shoot (Pistol 28). All other skills are at level 25. His notoriety stands at 41.

Game Notes:

  • Captain Ellison may be related to the GM Samuel Shaw, as they share the same last name.
  • Captain Ellison Shaw has an Old Body. Players can no longer create a pirate with this body type.

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