Stick Pirates
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Best Places to loot

Having trouble getting the Lost sword? Well, I have good news for you, Notice on the pictures most people get it from Tomas Blanco Now and Silver freeze at Foulberto and Dark hart Now. Well The best places are,

Tomas Blanco

Jacques Blanc


There in order from What they mostly drop from remember loot is randomize but their is a belief in Loot boostes


Now people are getting the sword mostly from him, I suggest you keep port of call at padres and sail to cutthroat. Loot tomas for about 5 minutes to see if your getting good loot if not switch servers. Loot as long as you can! it will drop. It could take a few days, weeks, or months, but it isnt confirmed.

If i do get the Sword from tomas ill Post it.


My Friend rose got the sword with my eyes saw it, Many famed dolls , swords, and daggers drop from him. But Lost swords are very reduced on him. Same with tomas switch servers loot as long as you can. but heres a tip and basic math.

Tomas is Spanish

Jacques is french

Think about which will a SPANISH sword drop from?

Dark hart

Many people in 2010 have gotten the sword from him but recently he has been dropping Only Dolls and Silver freeze. Same with the other 2 switch servers and keep looting.

Other tips

Use a weapon other than a blunderbuss to quickly kill these enemies a broadsword would be the best.

Bring a crew to help you incase you die.

Get tonics because you will be working LONG very long.

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