Captain Job is a salty dog who spends his days in Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal, spinning yarns to Josie McReedy the barmaid, or any other sort who happens to be in earshot.

Job can also grant pirates some quick gold by hiring them for various mercenary quests. Usually, these involve traveling to another island and claiming the bounty (killing) of various enemies.

  • Job was created by the Disney Online Staff in honor of a 10-year-old boy named Job McCully, who was featured in an episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Job is a leukemia survivor that endured a bone marrow and double lung transplant and he's an inspiration of his Arkansas home town. To honor him, his room was given a complete POTCO makeover and he, in addition to having a lifetime account - also has this character named after him.


Game Notes

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