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And the Winners Are...
We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the "Caption This" contest - we received a ton of really great, creative entries! Here is a complete list of our 10 lucky winners and their caption ... congratulations!

Caption this screenshots
  • Dana, Sandia Park, NM: "Oops, I meant to click F1 not F2!"
  • Reagan, Lexington, KY: "An angry woman and a sword are not the most productive combination."
  • Kenny, North Ogden, UT: "One pistol with a single shot, against two people. Bugger!"
  • Melissa, Bridgeville, PA: "Nobody touches Mr. Cotton's parrot!"
  • Camila, Reseda, CA: "Just to let you know, my husband is a blacksmith and I have been practicing - A LOT."
  • Dani, Folsom, CA: "Welcome to Barbossa's Burger Shack, may I take your order?"
  • Rebecca, West Windsor, NJ: "Whoa, he needs a breath mint!"
  • Paul, Redondo Beach, CA: "Let's get to the root of our problem shall we Mister Stump? Keep your branches to yourself and just leaf me alone, wood you?"
  • Paul, Little Rock, AK: "Leaves of three, let it be, but if it's a tree with arms, legs, and leaves of none -- I'm starting to think you better run."
  • Jordan, Mesa, AZ: "You've gotten on Tia Dalma's bad side, haven't you?"

Winners received a
"Pirates of the Caribbean" digital camera!

Prize camera

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