The Admiral Group is a Weapon Group consisting of cutlasses and sabres.

The Admiral weapons are created exclusively for highly decorated naval officers in the British Royal Navy. Crafted by the finest weaponsmiths of England and imported to the new world, these blades cost a fortune and are worth every penny. They have an aura of authority about them, and wielders may use the Captain's Resolve ability to inspire and strengthen their troops, whether they be elite naval officers, or rascals and swashbucklers. Most Admiral weapons provide various sword combo boosts, and higher versions have an Endurance boost as well.

Admiral Cutlasses

QM Cutlass First Mate Cutlass Lieutenant's Cutlass Commander's Cutlass
Captain's Cutlass CommodoresCutlass Updated Vice Admirals Admirals Cutlass

Admiral Sabres

Quarter Master's Sabre First Mate's Sabre Lieutenant's Sabre fixed CommandersSabre
Captain's Sabre Commodore's Sabre Vice Admiral's Sabre - clearer Admirals Sabre

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