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Adv on sea 6
Adv on sea 5

You will get your first ship, a Light Sloop, when Elizabeth Swann sends you on a special Quest. This ship is enough to get you around the Caribbean, but because it only has two cannons, you will be extremely vulnerable. As soon as possible, you'll want to buy a bigger better ship from a Shipwright.

You can own more than one ship –– if you can afford it. In fact, you can own a total of three ships! Consider your goals carefully. Each class of hull is designed to do one task superbly –– at the cost of other qualities, though. Purchase your ships from a Shipwright.


Sleek, fast, and stealthy. Great if your style of pirating involves lightning raids and quicker escapes. The need for speed, however, means sacrificing firepower and cargo capacity.

ADV on sea 1


Ready for a fight above all else. Tough, maneuverable, and armed to the teeth with the most cannons of any ship type. Pack light, because this hull type carries less cargo than a Galleon.

Adv on sea 2


Sturdy, with large holds. This is your choice if you like plundering tons of booty before returning to port. Moderately armed, this is the slowest of the three hull types, but the hull is tougher than that of a Sloop.

Adv on sea 3


A vessel with equal parts speed, strength, and cargo hold. A perfect mix of all the other Pirate ship types, this "jack of all trades" suits all yer seafaring needs. This class of ship will hold well in combat as you protect a larger than average hull full of plunder.


Remember, bigger ships of each type carry more cannons and can accommodate larger crews, which will often make the difference between winning or losing battles at sea. They're also tougher, so you'll be able to out–sail foes and withstand more battering under enemy broadsides and ramming.

Ships Summary

Hull Class Crew Capacity HP Hit Points Top Speed Cargo Capacity On-Deck Cannons Broadside/Below Deck Cannons
Light Sloop 3 2,400 10 6 2 6
Light Galleon 6 3,600 8 10 4 10
Light Brig 8 3,900 10 8 6 10
Light Frigate 8 4,200 9 8 8 10
Sloop 6 4,200 10 10 4 10
Galleon 8 7,200 8 14 8 18
Brig 10 7,800 10 12 10 16
Frigate 10 8,400 9 12 10 14
War Sloop 9 7,200 10 14 8 14
War Galleon 10 10,800 8 18 10 24
War Brig 12 12,000 10 16 12 22
War Frigate 12 12,600 9 16 14 20


There's a Shipwright on every island. His shop is easy to recognize -- it's the beached hull down at the harbor. Visit the Shipwright if you're in the market for a ship. Better bring lots of gold though, sturdy ships are costly. (Note: There are a couple of Shipwrights on Padres del Fuego and Port Royal that are just standing in the open near the docks)

Adv on sea 4

Ship Customization and Upgrades

Shipwrights have answered the call allowing Pirates to personalize their vessels with new sail colors, patterns and emblem designs that will give your Pirate's ship a personal touch.

Additionally, Pirates will be able to plunder new materials and use them at the shipwrights to purchase ship upgrades. Experiment with various options to upgrade your ship to suit your needs and game play style.


Iron - trusty, basic armor material
Steel - refined, heavier armor material (rare)
Pine - a light wood for hull expansion
Oak - a heartier wood for greater holds (rare)
Canvas - a rough sail fabric
Silk - finer, lightweight sail material (rare)

Materials must be collected by plundering high level enemy ships. Bounty Hunters can carry iron, pine, and canvas materials. Warships can carry any material, including the rarer steel, oak, and silk items.

Game Tip: You must sink Bounty Hunters that are specifically targeting your ship for the chance to plunder the materials they may carry.

Gather as much as you can and use the materials in combinations to upgrade your ship for increased hull sizes, stronger ship armor, speed and control boosts and much more! Ship upgrades cannot be combined as you move from one upgrade path to another path, so take note of how each upgrade affects your ship's attributes. Your choices make all the difference.

Upgrades also change the look of your ship in very striking ways, and even add special broadsides once you reach Level 4 upgrades. Boost these special broadside attacks and hull armor even further with Levels 5 and 6 upgrades.

Reap the rewards of experimentation, and build the ship that suits your needs best!

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