A Boss Battle is a special battle you have to face on certain occasions in the game. A Boss Battle is harder than fighting standard enemies; often the enemies that normally are easy to defeat will have more powerful attacks and much higher health than usual.

Story Quest Boss Battles

Story Quests always have a boss battle at towards the end of the quest (with the exception of the Set Sail Story Quest). They can be minor boss battles which you can only play once, or major boss battles that can be replayed with the Treasure Map feature.

Story Quest: The Black Pearl Crew

Treasure Map Boss Battles

Name Location Boss


Black Pearl Boss Battle "Black Pearl Island"
2,000 Notoriety &
Leadership ability

Story Quest: Raven's Cove

Name Location Boss


El Patron Boss Battle Landlocked Pool, Raven's Cove El Patron Choose ONE of the THREE Cursed Blades of El Patron: Bitter End, Nautilus Blade and Spinecrest Sword. Have the ability to loot cursed blades from enemies on Raven's Cove and Isla Tormenta. Ability to use the Evil Curse of Doom Emote.

Event Boss Battles

Currently, the game has three daily recurring events - Invasions, Treasure Fleets, and The Queen Anne's Revenge

Random Boss Battles


Name Location Boss


Invasions Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego Jolly

Certain amount of notoriety points that depend on the amount of surviving barricades, the amount of enemies defeated, and if Jolly Roger's target survived.

Treasure Fleets

Name Location Boss


EITC Treasure Fleets and previously Expedition Fleets High Seas East India Trading Company Emblem Loot and Cargo
Royal Navy Treasure Fleets High Seas Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem

Loot and Cargo

The Queen Anne's Revenge

Name Location Boss


The Queen Anne's Revenge Flagship Battle Off the Coast of Isla Perdida, Isla Tormenta, and Isla Cangrejos. Queen Anne

Mutineer's Charm and a random rare potion, including Summon Chicken.

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