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Bounty Hunters are enemy ships that attack a player's ship for one sole purpose - revenge. As the player continues to sink and plunder other ships, they gain a bounty represented by flags. The more ships they sink, the more powerful the warships sent to sink the player's ship.

To attract a bounty hunter you must sink many ships and collect their loot. The more loot you have aboard the more advanced your Pirate Flag becomes. If you get all the way up to the Jolly Roger emblem then you best be watchin' your back matey. Them hunters will come like swarms to your precious ship so get ready for a race when they come get ye.

Game Notes:

  • All Bounty Hunters and Warships have a chance of dropping special resources that are vital for customizing your ship's hull and rigging.
  • All Bounty Hunters are war class ships.
  • All Bounty Hunter ships have this ship tag Hunter Tag2.
  • The Strongest of the Bounty Hunter Ships are called Warships, which are elite Navy ships that are even stronger than Hunters.
  • Currently there are 10 total hunters.
  • All Bounty Hunters can still move even if their Masts are shot down.
  • A popular technique for fighting Bounty Hunters is to lure them to the edge of the world or an island, where pirates manning cannons can blast them, without receiving counter fire.
  • When fighting two bounty hunters, it can be useful to remove the masts from one, without sinking it. This allows combat with only one bounty hunter, leaving the sail less ship to trail behind. Don't try this with Warships, they are fast without sails.


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