A Cannon Ram is a piece of equipment that gives the pirate a boost to a specific cannon skill or reduces the reload time for all cannon skills. They can sometimes be found in loot, but are most commonly found in the Cannon Defense Mini Game and Fishing. Famed cannon rams are primarily found in Cannon Defense after level 60.


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Drag the Ram into the Item Slot.

To use a Cannon Ram, a pirate must place it in their Item Slot of the Weapon Belt. Only the effects of the ram actively in the belt will be applied. The effects are passive, so a pirate does not need to active them.

A Cannon Ram's effects can also apply to the pirate's Broadside attacks. (Ex. Steel Cannon Ram has a Critical Strike ability. A pirate with the ram active while sailing will add the Critical Strike ability to their broadside attacks).  This does not apply to other passive skills like Rapid Reload.

Game Note

If a player puts a Cannon Ram in the sailing item slot, then reverts to Basic Access, that player still gets the boosts from the ram, as long as it is not removed from the slot.

Types of Cannon Rams:

Boosts tend to increase a specific ammunition skill or can grant a special ability. Some are used for different activities like SvS or plundering.


Note: There are currently no Legendary Cannon Rams currently available in the game.

Rarity Name Abilities Skill Required
Bloodhound Cannon Ram Infinite Chain Shot, Chain Shot +2, Firebrand +1 Cannon 15
Bronze Cannon Ram Critical Round Shot 1, Round Shot +1 Cannon 3
Cajun Cannon Ram Critical Firebrand 3, Firebrand +3 Cannon 24
Cloth Cannon Ram Extra Chain Shot Range 1, Chain Shot +1 Firebrand +1 Cannon 9
Cotton Cannon Ram Critical Chain Shot 1, Chain Shot +1 Cannon 8
Fiery Cannon Ram Critical Firebrand 1, Firebrand +1 Cannon 16
Fleece Cannon Ram Critical Chain Shot 3, Chain Shot +3 Cannon 18
Greyhound Cannon Ram Infinite Chain Shot 1, Chain Shot +1 Cannon 7
Gunner's Cannon Ram Rapid Reload +2, Round Shot +1 Cannon 12
Hasty Cannon Ram Rapid Reload +1 Cannon 7
Haunted Cannon Ram Critical Fury, Fury +1 Cannon 24
Iron Cannon Ram Critical Round Shot 2, Round Shot +2 Cannon 6
Iron Priming Ram Extra Explosive Range 2, Explosive +2, Thunderbolt +1 Cannon 24
Makeshift Cannon Ram Infinite Grape Shot, Grape Shot +1, Chain Shot +1 Cannon 12
Marauder Cannon Ram Infinite Firebrand 1, Firebrand +1 Cannon 14
Master Gunner's Cannon Ram Rapid Reload +3, Round Shot +2 Cannon 18
Old Cannon Ram Round Shot +1 Cannon 3
Padded Cannon Ram Extra Chain Shot Range 2, Chain Shot +2, Explosive +1 Cannon 18
Phantom Cannon Ram Infinite Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt +1 Cannon 21
Priming Ram Extra Explosive Range 1, Explosive Round +1, Round Shot +1 Cannon 17
Revenant Cannon Ram Infinite Fury, Fury +1 Cannon 24
Searing Cannon Ram Critical Firebrand 2, Firebrand +2 Cannon 20
Steel Cannon Ram

Critical Round Shot 3, Round Shot +3

Cannon 12
Wool Cannon Ram Critical Chain Shot 2, Chain Shot +2 Cannon 14

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