The Fullmoon Group is a weapon group consisting of Pistols, Repeaters, and Blunderbusses.

The Fullmoon weapons will serve you well in battle, and can strike down many a foe with their powerful enchanted bullets. They may also shield you from harmful voodoo with Hex Ward. It is however unknown if the magic that powers these ancient relics is good or evil. Oh well, the end (the plunder, that is) justifies the means.

Versions rank two and up have infinite Silver Shot ammo and a boost to Eagle Eye.


Night hunter pistol Shadow Stalk Pistol Foul Bane Pistol Fullmoon Pistol clearer


Night hunter repeater Shadow Stalker Repeater Foul Bane Repeater Fullmoon repeater clearer


Night Hunter Blunderbuss - clearer Shadowstalker Blunderbuss FoulBaneBlunderbuss Updated Fullmoon

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