The Idol Group is a weapon group consisting of Daggers and Throwing Knives.

The ritual Idol knives were once used in unspeakable rituals for the Aztec gods. After the conquest of the conquistadores, the blades were spread around the Caribbean through rapid change of ownership (rarely consensual). Some say they bring ill fortunes to those who wield them, but there is little doubt about the powerful magic that they still retain. They can conjure a magical shield to reflect voodoo magic back at the caster - at the same time as draining your opponents of their life force and siphoning it to you.

Idol daggers grant boosts to various dagger combo skills: Cut, Swipe, Gouge

Idol throwing knives grant boosts to the Asp throwing knife skill.


Dagger of the Sun Idol Dagger of the Moon Idol Dagger of the Hawk Idol
Dagger of the Bear Idol Dagger of the Golden Idol - clearer Dark Idol - clearer

Throwing Knives

Knives of the Sun Idol Halk idol knife Knives of the Golden Idol

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