Most of the items available to the Pirates of the Caribbean in Pirates Online are part of Item groups. Items in a group have at least one ability in common, often two or three.

Each of the same kind of item in each group usually look the same. (With exceptions)

Different kinds of weapons in the same group are usually named by a specific name pattern, across weapon types. (With exceptions)

Each weapon type within a group has several different models, each getting a higher attack power, rarity, abilities and skill bonuses than the previous version.

Each higher version may have a higher boost or gain a new ability or skill boost, but it may not lose an ability. If a weapon has a boost to a Combo skill, a higher version of the weapon may have a boost to a more powerful combo skill. Ex. If Weapon A has a boost to Cleave, a higher version of it may have a boost to Flourish.


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